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Action Pistol Rules

1. All guns are to be kept unloaded and in holster or case. Once the match starts, all guns are to be kept in holster or case, and may not be handled or loaded until the range officer tells you.

2. All persons on the range must wear eye and ear protection.

3. No cross draw or shoulder holsters are allowed.

4. Minimum caliber is .38/ 9mm. Lighter calibers offer an unfair advantage as they have less recoil. The .38 /9mm minimum also represents the minimum power level considered acceptable for self-defense use.

5. When it is your turn to shoot:

do not load gun until range officer gives command.

the range officer will give the following set of commands:
\”do you understand the course of fire?\”
\”you may load and make ready\”
\”shooter ready?\”

The timer buzzer will sound, draw and fire. Do not let the muzzle of the gun sweep any part of your body, or anyone else. Keep muzzle downrange at all times.

When done shooting, the range officer will ask you to show that the gun is empty, and give order to re-holster.

6. Once the competitor is done and.the range officers give the all clear signal, all shooters will move forward to help pick up brass and paste targets.

7. Keep finger outside of trigger-guard while moving or reloading. Finger may only be in trigger guard while gun is lined up with targets.

8. Keep muzzle pointed down at 45 degree angle while moving.

9. If you see anything unsafe, do not hesitate to call a cease-fire.


I have read and understand the above rules, and release the Woodstock Rifle & Pistol Club and its representatives from all liability.