April 27 (Saturday, 9 AM)  (Rain date Sunday, April 28)

May 7 (Tuesday, 5:30) 

May 2 (Thursday, 5:30 PM) 


May 11 (Saturday) 
Social 5:00, Dinner 5:30, Meeting 6:15


August 3 (Saturday, 10 AM)

September 14 (Saturday, 10 AM)

September 21 (Saturday, 9 AM) (Rain Day Sunday, September 22)

October 5 (Saturday) 

October 5 (Saturday) 

Spring Cleanup with Coffee and Doughnuts

Trap Shooting, Opening Night (every Tuesday – 5PM Until Oct. 1st)

Field Clays, opening night (RSVP only)

Windsor County Sheriff’s Qualifications

Annual Meeting: Prosper Community House
(Route 12 North, about 3 miles from Woodstock)

Woodstock Police Qualification

Summer BBQ, trap Shooting, Pistol 

Trap Shooting Championship, Field Clays Championship

Fall Clean-up Day (coffee and doughnuts)

Closing Day for Field Clays

Closing Day for Trap